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Amy simplifies sales performance tracking, guides reps in prioritizing tasks, and boosts team engagement, all through your familiar Slack interface.

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Features that get you results

Transform how your teams collaborate. Brainstorm together, develop strategies and build ads that guarantee customers.

Live Collaboration
1M+ Templates
Searchable Assets
Unlimited Reviewers
Responsive Design
Multiple media support
Version history

Sales performance tracking, straight from Slack

Your reps just love the dashboards you've built, right? Wrong! Understand what's not working for your reps, how you can fix it, and who needs your help.

Set, manage and track your team’s goals in real time
Get notified of struggling reps that need your help
Let your reps know how to fix the problems they’re facing

Help reps focus on the right things, at the right time

CRM, emails, cold calling, LinkedIn, engagement tools, the list goes on. Amy connects the dots for you, so you can focus on solving your team's problems, rather than looking for them.

Aggregated data from your entire sales stack into one place
Detect anomalies in your team’s performance and why they happen
Surface the most important tasks each rep needs to focus on, and make sure that they happen

Drive more actions with engaging competitions

Build competitions, run SPIFFS and create challenges that reward reps for doing activities that push the needle.

Spark friendly competitions with custom leaderboards
Let reps challenge each other with single and multiplayer challenges
Reward your reps with gift cards, perks and swag, all through the Amy platform

Plays Well with Your Sales Stack

Take your team from better to best

Increase in SDR opp creation
Faster ramping
More revenue per rep

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