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  • Nicki Cleary

Ambition Sales Management Software Solution

Is it a good sales productivity and sales competition tool to achieve sales goals?

Let's start by defining exactly what Ambition is. Ambition is embedded directly into your Salesforce and it enables organizations to run sales competitions, coach your sales team, manage sales productivity through accountability and gamification. It is designed for managing sales teams throughout the rep performance cycle.

What are the principal characteristics of the Ambition Sales Management Software? Ambition’s Sales Management Software helps revenue leaders manage their sales teams effectively by focusing on: Accountability, Encouragement, Coaching, and Amplification.

Now, below is a comprehensive list of the tools that make Ambition so popular in this industry:

  • Performance intelligence - Ambition’s Performance Intelligence manages your sales teams performance using real time performance insights on sales activities that impact revenue. Ambition’s metrics engine processes data from your Salesforce and tech stack so your team can gain performance intelligence.

Scorecards measure sales activities like tasks, events and other metrics to create a score also contributing to increased performance intelligence and performance insights.

  • Coaching Orchestration - Coaching Orchestration helps sales managers build coaching strategies around revenue potential, specifically in the context of 1:1 between sales leaders and sales reps. This scalable coaching solution creates a program that reduces coaching prep time for 1:1 meetings. Ambition’s coaching program through their Coaching Orchestration Platform is important because it makes sales reps feel supported and helps sales reps take ownership of their success which is important for sales rep retention.

  • Sales Gamification - Sales gamification and custom scoring is the core of Ambition’s platform. Sales gamification for your revenue team allows you to run competitions and spiffs and saves your sales managers time. Functionality includes the ability to automate competition setup and reporting, celebrate wins, and incentivize reps. Sales gamification and competition is a tool recognized to change behavior in revenue teams and make sales reps more motivated.

Ambition uses leaderboards for the sales gamification. The leaderboards change automatically and you can easily feature leaderboards on the sales floor so it is accessible to all reps all the time.

Ambition’s leaderboard is based on competitions built by the sales leader to motivate their team to perform certain activities like calls, emails, tasks, etc. and the data is available to everyone on the sales team. Sales leaders can also give accolades for performance in regards to tasks or activities to their team. These accolades are another way to help with motivation and improve team performance

How likely is it that Ambition Sales Management Software Solution will serve as a resource for my company?

Ambition is an excellent sales productivity and sales gamification solution that provides numerous benefits to any business that uses it. Ambition pricing is about $40 / user / month with a minimum of 20 users and can be discounted for larger teams. Ambition Sales Management Software Solution is a fantastic tool that will enhance the sales experience with Performance Intelligence. We believe this is one of those applications that can be very useful for any business. Obviously, the decision is up to you, but keep in mind that it can be a useful tool for your business. A good sales management software and sales gamification platform should make it simple for you to motivate your team and provide accountability for your sales reps. Ambition does a good job of balancing these functions, and you can even compare software to determine which is best for you. What if, now that I've told you everything there is to know about Ambition and how it works, there exists a superior alternative that offers more technology and better coaching for sales teams?

Introducing Amy!

Amy is one of the most effective and user-friendly tools for motivating and coaching your sales team.

It has an advantage over Ambition’s offerings due to the fact that:

1. Actionable insights instead of data

With Amy, the focus is on actionable insights, not presenting more data. There are already enough dashboards and data tools for salespeople. The challenge for sales leaders and for sales reps is to extract the bottom line. By identifying the bottom line , Amy surfaces actionable insights so it is easy to know what to do with the data and standardizing the data so all leaders are focused on the same metrics. With Amy, all data presented comes with insights that sales leaders can use in an actionable way on the platform. For example, instead of showing a chart of each rep’s activity data, Amy zooms into changes over time so leaders can see who is improving, who is stagnant and who needs more coaching.

2. Amy’s focus is on using technology to make your team better - especially in regards to improving revenue generating activities.

The core of a manager’s job is to coach their team. However it is difficult to know what each rep needs to be coached on and then to actually monitor if the new information is being practiced. Building on the point above, Amy focuses on the whole cycle. The platform uses AI to identify weak spots and then allows managers to assign sub challenges to individual reps so they can practice the behaviors they were taught by their managers, the L&D Department or other sources.

The ultimate goal is to make each rep on your team the best rep on your team so using gamification to bridge the gap between coaching and learning is essential to improve team performance and empower reps to reach their goals.

3. With Amy, the customer experience is top priority

Amy is still a startup so every customer is essential and feedback has a direct impact on the development cycle. This is felt by customers all the time when working with Amy. It starts with the onboarding process which is simple and includes unlimited support and continues throughout the customer lifetime where the Amy team integrates customer feedback into features that continuously improve sales rep’s performance.

4. Amy makes your sales team better

Amy uses gamification to motivate sales teams no matter if they are remote, hybrid or in office and Amy helps leaders incentivize their teams to perform better without micromanaging. Part of making sales teams better includes ‘being where they are’. As a result, Amy integrates directly with Slack and Teams.The integration includes ongoing updates and accolades not only for the top performers but also for the middle participants so they are motivated to improve.

Amy increases motivation by celebrating your team’s wins and recognizing improvements.


Even though Ambition is currently the most popular sales management software, you should definitely give Amy a try if you want to improve performance. It surpasses Ambition’s user-friendliness by a wide margin, making it the optimal platform for improving sales team’s performance. Amy is constantly striving to improve, and with a multitude of integrations on the horizon, your experience will only get better over time.

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