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Great Sales Development Leaders dominate even in a downturn

Amy is your secret weapon to leverage performance metrics that trigger winning behaviors so your reps crush their targets and sell more, faster.

Picture of a Sales Development Team Lead Manager smiling with bubble showing that team is missing their sales target then the process  od how amy improves performance by understanding the problem with that SDR rep, coaching them on how to improve and then watching their performance improve

Recognize barriers and coach for success 

Identify weak spots earlier to ensure a bad day doesn’t turn into a bad week, with consistent, customizable metric-based coaching programs

To identify weakspots and coach for success Amy compares each SDR's performance with the team average, uses otifications and Slack alerts to notify the rep and the manager then gives actionable insights on how to improve
Turncycle of Amy's types of competitions including the Leaderboard, duel where rep plays against rep, Sprint where reps race to the finish line, ghost where SDR competes against their best self, and team versus team where SDRs play against each other

Remove barriers and level up each of your reps

Improve performance using positive motivators and gamification via Slack alerts and the Amy platform

Scale Success by tracking improvement over time

Watch the impact of your coaching rise in numbers as each rep’s revenue explodes.

You’re welcome

Graph showing sales performance, specifically New Opportunities increase over time with a SDR going from sad and grey to happy and in color

Get your reps to the next level faster


More Meetings per Month


Increase in Sales Reps' Activity


In Revenue per Rep

Amy's insights helped my team improve the quality of outreach increasing qualified meetings by 28%

Dima MAdera.jpeg

Dima Madera

Team Lead, Ermetic

Integrate with Your Sales Stack

Access all the data and functions of the tools you use, in one place

Lots of solutions will help Sales Development Teams  increase the quantity of activities.

Amy is the only solution that improves the quality.

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