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Lots of solutions will help Sales Development Teams 
increase the quantity of activities.

Amy is the only solution that improves the quality.

Turn every sales rep on your team into the best sales rep on your team

Grow Revenue with Gamification

Motivate your team through customized competitions and automatic accolades through Slack to drive revenue generating behavior


Identify Training Opportunities

Encourage ideal sales rhythms to optimize performance and identify individual upskilling events

Improve Individual Data Transparency 

Centralized leaderboards highlighting only relevant data from multiple sources, allowing team members to focus on what matters


Unleash the Full Power of Your Sales Team


Increase in Sales Reps' Activity


More Meetings per Month


In Revenue per Rep

We tripled our entire outbound in one quarter. 50% of this growth was generated through Amy.


John Mactavish

VP Sales Development,

Integrate with Your Sales Stack

Access all the data and functions of the tools you use, in one place

More deal, more revenue. 
Uncover your reps' true potential. 

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